Haley is a Certified Dietician and Functional Nutritionist. She loves to help uncover the mysteries with your health and considers herself a “health detective”. Whether it be food intolerances, GI disturbances like bloating, gas, heartburn, constipation or loose stools, She is aimed to work with you to clear the confusion surrounding your sluggish energy, weight gain, mood fluctuations, mysterious skin issues, food intolerances and energy.  

In your first appointment with Haley, together you will spend time assessing some of the core basics that make you unique such as sleep/relaxation, exercise/movement, nutrition/hydration, stress/resilience and your relationships and networks. She'll then review labs and lifestyle factors, establish some history and timelines and move onto the BIG QUESTIONS that led you to her.…your WHY?!

She wants to know it ALL. What motivates you to want to get better every day? Do you want to feel better in your skin and overcome negative body thoughts so you can LIVE FULLY? Do you wish to have enough energy to chase your grandkids around at the park? Or hope to get through a class at the gym and leave with a smile on your face? Maybe you want to be able to focus on enjoying your vacation without worry about your energy, moods and digestive issues?

She's ABSOLUTELY sure that you want something more in life than feeling drained, disconnected or distended all the time. She GETs IT. She BELIEVES YOUR HEALTH CAN BE IMPROVED. She BELIEVES YOU ARE WORTH IT!

In a “Baby Steps” approach, at a pace you can feel comfortable with, together you will implement upgrades to your performance week to week. Together, using lab testing, collaboration with other practitioners, nutrition and lifestyle modifications and a ton of self-love, you will manifest positive change!

If you'd like to get started with Haley, schedule a complimentary meet & greet!

"In short, working with Haley is one of the best decisions I have ever made! A year ago, my weight was at an all-time high and my energy level was at an all-time low. Fatigued by the usual stressors of life, I was motivated to start working with Haley as a remote client, and I am so thankful I did. After a food intolerance test and several follow-up appointments with Haley, I was learned key insights into what foods my body was not tolerating well and what I could do different to improve my well-being. Next, I started on a simple routine of daily supplements, food recipes, and exercise. Haley's program and coaching made all the difference in the world. In addition to her expert advice, what really made Haley stand out was her investment in me and my journey. Along the way, I was able to get the coaching and support I needed to stay motivated and on track. I am happy to report, a year later, I have lost 50 pounds and am back to my high school graduation weight. As a result, my energy and outlook are the best they have ever been. Thank you, Haley, for giving me the opportunity to work with you."


Madison is a Holistic Nutritionist from the National University of Natural Medicine. She has an infatuation with the beauty that nature has to offer. She loves the idea of local markets and seasonal produce. She strives to spread her appreciation for simple things like fresh fruits and vegetables and makes quality nutrition seem simply achievable. She believes that the reason 75% of Americans eat a heavily processed diet is because of their lack of education in understanding how much weight our diets have on our overall health. She truly believes when you make cooking, meal prepping and shopping enjoyable we can all begin to come back to the idea that food is supposed to bring us pleasure and nourishment, not something quick and forced.

All aspects of food and eating can be pleasurable. Her motto is, thinking ahead, shopping for food on the weekends by taking advantage of farmers markets and eventually planning meals that will make you happy throughout the week (they don't have to be hard to cook). She believes we need to get people BACK INTO THE KITCHEN and as close to the dirt on our produce as we can.

She is motivated to help find a flow that works best for you and your family’s lifestyle to feel good overall and be able to follow the cycle of good health.

Through her undergrad career, she has recognized that nutrition is often the forgotten piece of the puzzle, even though it carries so much power. She thinks it is because the perceived threat of health issues can seem further away than they really are. When one takes control of their diet and is consciously aware of what goes in/out of their body their perspectives will change. Diet is the best preventative medicine that we have. Our bodies are always listening and our genes are constantly being influenced.

Not only are we impacting our own lives but many of those around us, especially children. Madison is inspired to work with children and women through their constant stages of growth and development to create healthy habits for a lifetime of food bliss. During graduate school, she plans to hone-in on infant/childhood health, picky eaters, and pre- & postnatal development in order to best assist her clients.

Can you help me with IBS, Chrones, Food Addiction, and Food Allergies? Can food help with Cancer?

IBS/Chrones: I can offer general understanding and a few tips for dealing with IBS and chrones but I do not have enough education to completely help with this.

I will be able to offer ways that food can support the healing of your GI, what foods you may need to avoid/include, and what your next steps should be. I know wonderful doctors in the area who specialize in these particular GI complications that I can refer you to.

Food Addiction: There are ways to reframe your relationship with food by better understanding its purpose and creating mindful eating habits. Together we will touch on your past experiences with food that most likely had a strong influence in this relationship. Then we will look at what gets in the way of having your ideal relationship with food and come up with ideas to prevent these barriers from getting in the way. This includes learning how to tell yourself a new story about your addiction, and your beliefs around food and your body.

Food Allergies: I will help you appreciate the foods that you can eat and work toward a healthier relationship with food by shifting your focus from “foods I can’t eat,” into “foods I can eat.” Already understanding what foods your offenders are offers a great advantage in our work together. If you are unsure of what foods may be causing GI distress, skin issues, brain fog, bloating, inflammation in general, unhealthy bowel movement/frequency, etc., I can help you get more clarity on the root cause and provide you with a food sensitivity test or allergy specialist referral.

Cancer: Absolutely! There are foods & nutrients that fuel cancer cell growth and foods & nutrients that suppress or kill it. Depending on your stage in the cancer process, or wether you’re trying to prevent it, we can create an arsenal of cancer fighting foods and a plan for improved lifestyle habits. Disease and illness are greatly impacted by stress in our environment which includes stress from relationships, diet, exercise, work, etc., so our time together will include creating a plan to balance out the stress in your life with what works best for you and the present state of the disease.

Do I have to stop eating gluten?

If you or I feel that gluten is a dietary offender for your body based on symptoms presented or because of a personal belief, I suggest a food sensitivity test, and/or celiac disease test (done by a medical professional at another location). These tests can confirm either an allergy to gluten or a sensitivity (mild to severe).

If neither of these test results suggest an immune reaction to gluten and your body responds fine to eating it, I don't suggest removing gluten entirely from your diet. Many products that contain gluten have other nutritional benefits and may be apart of your real food diet, thus removing it should be purposeful and discussed with a nutritionist.

Gluten has been shown in clinical trials to create inflammation in our bodies, so regardless of a sensitivity or allergy to it, some people find relief from limiting the amount they consume. This relief might include less joint pain, brain fog, digestive discomfort, acne or other skin irritations. We can discuss if gluten might be an offender for your body.

Do you work with vegan and vegetarians?

Yes, absolutely! I will ask questions in order to better understand what your individual diet looks like on a day-to-day basis. This is to make sure you are receiving the proper nutrition for your body and lifestyle. Although we might adjust things accordingly, I will respect all personal values and beliefs. Due to the presence of many essential nutrients that are found in animal products, we most likely will need to discuss supplementation and individual needs based on your lifestyle.

What about Keto? Other common diet types?

I think keto can be beneficial for serious health conditions and as a short-term intervention, but I don't use strict diets in my approach to nutrition. Putting our bodies into a state of Ketosis for long periods of time can be taxing on the liver and kidneys and can lead to exhaustion over time. Our bodies--most importantly our brains--were created to run off of carbohydrates as the main source of fuel, so in depriving our brain of this essential nutrient we risk long term effects that have not been fully studied or understood by science.

Diet culture is real, and many of us have created negative thought patterns around our bodies and food because of it. I want to help bring people back to a place of mindful/intuitive eating where we can appreciate our bodies for what they offer as well as our food.

I eventually want my clients to reach a place of food peace and pleasure. In order to accomplish this we will have to discuss what your particular body needs in order to flourish. If you’re the type of person who needs structure around food in order to eat “healthy” we can create a meal plan that is less about numbers (calories, grams) and more about content (vitamins, minerals, carbs, fats, protein) to ensure you are fueling your body with the nutrition it needs in order to thrive.

What does a holistic nutritionist do? How can you help me?

A holistic nutritionist looks at the different components making up your life, including relationships, hydration, movement, food, stress and sleep. We then analyze what areas need more love and support, and work on one element at a time. This is to keep you from becoming overwhelmed by too many changes. We will focus on one focal point for a number of weeks.

Can nutrition fix my depression?

It can certainly help support your healing journey from depression. Clinical trials show evidence that a whole food diet can improve depressive symptoms.

We will also take into consideration the other pillars of your life, like sleep, relationships, stress, hydration and movement, in order to best support you.

What if I don't want to give up the food I love?

You don't have to! Nutrition doesn't mean giving up the food you love. In fact, food is about pleasure and should be enjoyed! Your favorite foods can be included in meals and snacks mindfully, creating a healthy balance with other foods. We can also come up with healthier alternatives for the food that you are craving/eating.