New Membership Options Coming Soon!


Massage Memberships

  • 3 month commitment required

  • Unused appointments roll over to the next month

  • VWS membership NOT required

One 60-minute Massage/month: $79 ($90 Value)
Two 60-minute Massages/month: $139 ($180 value)

One 90-minute Massage/month:  $115 ($130 Value)
Two 90-minute Massages/month:  $235 ($260 value)

Massage Packages

  • No monthly commitment required

  • Expires a year from purchase date

  • VWS membership NOT required

60-minute Massage 4-pack: $306 ($360 value)

90-minute Massage 4-pack: $442 ($520 value)

Acupuncture Packages

  • No monthly commitment required

  • Expires a year from purchase date

  • VWS membership NOT required

2 Acupuncture Sessions: $190 ($200 value)
3 Acupuncture Sessions: $270 ($300 value)
4 Acupuncture Sessions: $340 ($400 value)

Nutrition Packages

Packages and programs starting at $197 available. Contact Haley for more information.


"Kendall's approach in therapy is the necessity of healing both the mind and body...through discovery and understanding. My journey today has purpose, a renewed sense of hope, which is something I can hang on to when everything else is in chaos."

- Cindy B. from Vancouver

"When I first started going to Krystal for a massage, my every intention was to most likely only go to her once or twice as I don’t live very close by. But, she has such an awesome vibe about her and really knows what she’s doing with massage and can really read how my body is feeling a lot of times before I even know! I’m now hooked on her and I look forward to our appointments.”

Erin - Massage Member from PDX

"In short, working with Haley is one of the best decisions I have ever made! A year ago, my weight was at an all-time high and my energy level was at an all-time low. Fatigued by the usual stressors of life, I was motivated to start working with Haley as a remote client, and I am so thankful I did. After a food intolerance test and several follow-up appointments with Haley, I was learned key insights into what foods my body was not tolerating well and what I could do different to improve my well-being. Next, I started on a simple routine of daily supplements, food recipes, and exercise. Haley's program and coaching made all the difference in the world. In addition to her expert advice, what really made Haley stand out was her investment in me and my journey. Along the way, I was able to get the coaching and support I needed to stay motivated and on track. I am happy to report, a year later, I have lost 50 pounds and am back to my high school graduation weight. As a result, my energy and outlook are the best they have ever been. Thank you, Haley, for giving me the opportunity to work with you."