What Should I Expect in a LENS Neurofeedback Session?

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Before getting started with LENS, we need to know what’s going on inside your brain. We use a Brain Map to begin with. This map allows us to see the rate of brain waves firing. This process tells us where in the brain you are experiencing suppression and where to focus our attention.

After the initial session, you will generally return for weekly sessions, though some people benefit from coming in two times a week--the frequency of sessions depends upon your specific needs.

People usually say that LENS neurofeedback sessions make them feel relaxed. Some may get a slight headache, feel spacy or tired after a LENS session, but symptoms go away shortly after treatment.

LENS doesn’t just address symptoms, it gets to their root cause. You will likely experience a decrease in symptoms, better focus, attention and concentration. People who have gone through LENS report improved mood, reduced anxiety and depression, improved sleep and a greater quality of life.

My clients share that they don’t ruminate on thoughts and that their minds feel sharp while their body is relaxed. They notice being more flexible in their thinking patterns and don’t feel so overwhelmed. They notice that their thoughts are not racing and they are able to focus or quiet their minds when they need to. I’ve heard clients say they don’t feel stuck in old ways of thinking and behaving, and they don’t feel driven by fear or self doubt.

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Lemecia & VWS Team


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Lemecia Lindsey is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, a Certified EMDR Therapist and EMDR Consultant, and now offers LENS Neurofeedback. She began her early counseling work in community agencies and schools, helping children and teenagers who were struggling with social, emotional and behavioral issues, and providing family therapy. Her desire to help children and their families with complex emotional issues led her to explore and later be trained in the most advanced therapeutic approaches for treating trauma.

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